A Playful Soul

A common phrase I hear repeatedly is, “I can’t wait until we get back to normal.” This can have multiple meanings. In the context I’m referring to has to do with the overall well-being of a person, particularly their body…

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Detaching Yourself from Distractions

Recently I ran into a road block with my songwriting projects. I’m the type of person that has to be in constant motion. I had to confront this incessant need to be working in the recording studio as a means…

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My Discovery of the Latin Rosary

When I entered the Church a little over a decade ago, I was immediately drawn to praying the Rosary. As I began to understand the spiritual benefits the Rosary had to offer, I made it part of my daily routine. 

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A Songwriter's Guide to Making Music

I’ve been writing songs for a couple of decades and it never ceases to amaze me what new and innovative ideas form in my head and how to sculpt them into a full blown song. 

If you’ve never written a…

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A Very Birthday Christmas

I look forward to my birthday every year, just as many people do. But in my case I was born on Christmas Day, which makes that holiday that much more festive to me.

When I was younger I took for…

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The Agape Love of Edward Scissorhands

We are reaching the Christmastide season, which means I am absorbing myself in Christmas movies. As I was watching the classic 90’s movie, Edward Scissorhands, I couldn’t help noticing something Christ-like about it. 

Jesus was born during the winter season…

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Rock Artist Adopts Traditional Catholicism

I crossed the Tiber and became a Catholic a decade ago. As I got to know my fellow parishioners they learned I was a musician by trade–music instructor, songwriter, and recording artist. Some would invite me to the contemporary Mass…

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Practicing vs. Playing: What's the Difference?

A topic that I’m bringing up more frequently with my students is the difference between practicing an instrument and playing an instrument. Often times the terms are used synonymously, but there is a distinct difference which I believe is important…

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My Adventures of Chasing Guitar Sounds

When I began recording shortly after college, the only guitar sound I really cared about was distortion. Turn it on, crank it up, and rip into some chords and melodies. I paid little attention to other tones I could get…

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