Master of Your Own Destiny

I was watching a Youtube video the other night while I was in and out of Netflix. The video was about setting goals for practicing the ukulele. I almost turned it off thinking, here we go again with another motivational lesson on music practice

Something told me to watch the video all the way through. I’m glad I did. It was a good reminder on not just setting goals, but setting simple goals. 

We are essentially masters of our destiny when we want to learn new things. It is left up to us individuals whether we reach that goal or not. 

A person can make an attempt to set one or more goals, but then a hectic schedule sets in. Either the goal is forgotten or now has less relevance. Perhaps a "I’ll come back to that goal later" reaction. 

We are all students, whether it be in music or some other area in life. We are always learning. I’ve never met a musician who said they’ve learned all they needed to know. Well not seriously at least. 

Specifically as a musician, we want to learn a new song, a new style, a new technique, etc. Something that challenges us intellectually and creatively. 

Anytime a person wants to pick up something new, there should be a simple goal attached to that. Not just say, I’ll learn 'this or that' whenever I have free time. Free time may never happen. There is nothing holding them accountable to reach the desired result. This is where setting small, simple goals is very important. 

With my students, a goal can be to learn the new song in their music book by the next lesson. That’s a very achievable goal. Or a student wants to learn a new song outside of the lesson book. Again very achievable.

Take on challenges that exceed your boundaries by using smaller goals. It's a satisfying feeling when you complete that challenge. 

It’s difficult to reach monumental goals that could take years without starting with the smaller goals first. Daily or weekly goals set the pace for bigger goals. 

Making small, daily goals applies to anything you set your sights on. It keeps you focused on the prize of fulfilling the goal.

So that you don’t forget your goal, write it down. Place it somewhere that will be a constant reminder–on your phone, in your car, or pin it on the refrigerator. 

The opportunity is right now. The opportunity is the moment that person has an inkling to learn something new. A new song or style for instance. It starts with setting small goals that can be accomplished daily, weekly, or monthly. 

With all of the God-given talent you possess, you’re ultimately the master of your own destiny what you do what that talent. Sure it’s a journey. What will your first goal be to master?

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