How To Thrive in the Music Industry

At some point in our life many of us envision being famous. We see ourselves as a famous athlete, a famous musician, and so on. There’s someone we look up to and say, “I want to be like him or…

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Always Remember Who You Are

When I was a child I knew a man named Mr. Reagan. He was a World War II veteran. A grandfatherly type, happy to pass on his wisdom. He shopped at my family’s health food store since I can remember…

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Get Inside the Head of a Musician: Why Music?

What motivates someone to learn a particular instrument? And then what drives that person to take their music talents to the next level? Every musician may respond to it differently. Perhaps it was a specific song or an artist they…

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A Better Way to Practice Your Instrument

Music feeds the soul. It can make us happy and relaxed. Whether you're listening to music or playing your instrument it can bring forth fruits that make life just a bit sweeter.

I’ve been playing the piano and guitar for…

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In the Beginning: How I Got Started in Music

I often times use the word journey to describe the way music has affected me for so many years. Doing something for many years has a tendency to stick with you, through thick and thin. Through good times and bad…

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Hearing Colors in Classic Rock

It is typical for you to see colors, but not necessarily hear them, unless you’re a musician in the 1960’s or even the ‘70s. What I’m referencing in hearing colors is two-fold: the tone and sound of the music can…

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Adjusting to Change from a Music Perspective

We are creatures of habit. We like familiarity. We have our favorite foods, movies, and music. We are wired for routine...or are we? 

“Music is always changing and the changes are unpredictable.” – Billy Sheehan

Making changes in our lives…

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Chasing the Perfect Tone

I am a tone chaser. I’ve been playing guitar for nearly 30 years, but it’s only been in the past couple years where my focus has been on finding a nice, balanced tone that I like. We musicians will always…

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Songwriting Basics: Reading and Writing Music

Music is its own language. The notes and rhythms resonate to us musicians the way words and grammatical structure do to an author or poet.

To an experienced musician–composer and songwriter–the musical language becomes a second language to us. To…

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Press Record & Make Some Music

One of the most difficult aspects of being a composer for me is moving from pre-production to production. When I talk about pre-production I'm referring to the songwriting and arranging of the composition, getting all of those elements together, then…

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